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Febe's Female Puppy #4 ~ Available

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  • Welcome, Havapoo fanciers, fellow doggies and even friendly felines. At the top of the page you'll find links for navigating to various pages on our site. We hope you find our information page helpful when deciding to adopt a puppy from us before you fill out an application. However, if there are additional questions or would rather speak to me over the phone, I am always here as a reference as well. Contact Nathan @ riverviewpuppies@gmail.com. There are many inquiries about our Havapoo puppies everyday so be sure to email us on availability if you are interested in adopting with us. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay! We look forward to hearing from you!​                                                                                                  

  • It's again officially official! Febe and Teddy's puppies are available to anyone interested in adopting and are ready for their new homes NOW! They are super cute, fun, energetic and adorably playful and fully of life yet still retaining the docile, laid back personality traits everyone loves so much. As they play with one another and get along with other fellow pets and people, it's easy to see these puppies are truly man's best friend incarnate. We wish everyone had the chance to see just how joyful and delightful these furry, little ones really are. Setting up for the future, however, we are expecting another litter from Piper once more, on or around June 17th. Then come fall, another pure-bred Havanese mother, Sugar, should be ready for her first litter as well. So with all of that being said, our list is still open for new families who would like to adopt with us in the near future. And if you're considering, we'd like to have you aboard!

  • In the meantime, enjoy pictures of our puppies now living in their respective homes, below and the adopted page. These pictures have been sent to us from our "puppy families" from all over the country and as you can see all are living happily! Seeing the result of a puppy who we have spent much time caring for here, now living in their new homes, is something we find very rewarding and special. Thank you to all who have participated in sending these pictures and updates!